ok I think I’m done with tumblr for a while

I can’t fucking do this, I just fucking can’t

I’m supposed to be job hunting but I just don’t care about anything

there’s nothing quite like knowing that you’re not all that important anymore



I don’t think you people have realized just what you’ve done, what you’ve brought back, what you’ve woken up. This “Luigi Death Stare”. Yes, funny, very funny. But, I’m afraid it’s been around for a while, far longer than anyone may know. Yes, it has. This has all happened once before, in the distant past. A time of simpler memes, and “Youtube Poops”. It may seem very ancient to you, as it does me. But it is all too familiar. And the sad thing is? We weren’t even aware, and now it is much too late to stop it. I always knew he’d come back one day, I just didn’t know it would be this soon.


#the meme cycle has been completed


Lara didn’t manage to steal the thing first this time

haha feeling like shit, this is going to be my new baseline for the next two weeks, I can tell


All the Eggman artwork from the Sonic LINE Sticker Collection.

Things I like